Who we are:

Kiwa Consultants Pvt. Ltd. is a management consultancy firm established in 2009 and registered with the registrar of companies in Pune, India, with stake holders from Korea and India. The team who laid the foundation were veterans from the various disciplines of management, architecture, engineering, marketing, and performing arts. They played a strategic role during the initial days of establishment of Korean companies in Maharashtra. Currently, they are partnered with network of professionals in India and facilitates management services.

The Indo-Korean Center (linkwas established in Pune in joint collaboration between KIWA and the Youth Build foundation (erstwhile the MITCON foundation) and is jointly operated in its premises in Pune.

Kiwa Enterprise was formed under the experience team of Kiwa Consultants Pvt. Ltd., with the main objective of connecting Indian & Korean culture through events engaging fans of K-culture. It addresses the needs of developing the Korean Wave in India and its primary focus is educational, cultural, Korean langauge level based program, corporate culture training, edu-tour to Korea, hosting of K-pop Concerts in India, and promotion of Korean organisations.