The Indo Korean Center Pune, India logo reflects the two nations with their national flag colors, the Korean roof on the Indian pillars together providing shelter and foundation to the center activities.

About us:

The Indo Korean Center (IKC) Pune, was jointly founded & promoted by the Youth Build Foundation (an educational trust registered under S.R. Act 1860 & M.P.T. Act 1950) and Kiwa Consultants Pvt Ltd under an MOU signed in March 2021. It became the first Indo Korean Center in Western India. The main objective of this center was to build a platform to facilitate opportunities for the general public and to connect Indian & Korean people. Youth Build Foundation is an educational trust registered under S.R. Act 1860 & M.P.T. Act 1950, which also promotes  the MIMA Institute of Management (, courses approved by AICTE, ministry of HRD, Govt.of India) & the MIS International School (, and, Kiwa Consultants Pvt. Ltd., who are engaged into management consultancy services to Korean organizations and executes educational, cultural and social projects.

In July 2023, the Indo Korean Center Pune is accredited by the King Sejong Foundation (under Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism, Republic of Korea(South)) and designated as IKC King Sejong Institute Pune (푸네 세종학당). Henceforth, all the successful candidates of the Korean language program of IKC King Sejong Institute Pune (푸네 세종학당) shall be awarded the level completion certificate by this institute as per the regulations and guidelines laid by the King Sejong Foundation (Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism, Govt. of South Korea, R.O.K) and shall remain valid across the world.

About King Sejong Institute Foundation: King Sejong Institute Foundation is a public institution under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Republic of Korea, in order to manage overseas Korean Language education and to extend Korean culture. It introduces Korean and Korean culture to foreigners and is working to make their interests in Korea develop into their better understandings and love for Korea. There are 248 KSI’s in the world (84 countries) and the 7th KSI in India is IKC KSI Pune.

Mission : Contribution to global coexistence and co-prosperity, as well as national happiness by promoting cultural exchange through the spread of the Korean language and culture.

Vision: A leading global cultural exchange institute in Korea that communicates with the world through the Korean language and culture .

Information on The King Sejong Institute Foundation Click :


Main Focus:

IKC focuses on Education, Cultural engagement between people and Korean language-level-based programs, Corporate training in the Korean language, Education and business tours to Korea (May and October), promotion of Korean organizations, Indo Korean Cultural events and language research projects. The center has  appointed only native Korean teachers for imparting training and development in Korean language and cultural courses, a research lab. for Korean studies, Korean scholarship, Korean University educational fair and consultancy services, education, cultural and industrial tour to Korea, collaboration facilitator and an industrial-academic platform for its students and members.” The level based Korean language program is available in both online and offline modes.IKC offers, elementary, intermediate and advanced levels of Korean language training program following The standardised Sejong Hangugeo curriculum infused with IKC proprietary modules. Each level lasts for 4months/75-85hours of training. The program is rerun thrice a year in both Online /Offline formats. The IKC also organises and hosts various Indo- Korean cultural programs   throughout the year.

Our partners are reputed Korean organisations like the Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism, Republic of Korea, Academy of Korean Studies (Ministry of Education, Republic of Korea), Embassy of the Republic of Korea in India (New Delhi), Consulate general of ROK in Mumbai, Overseas Koreans foundation, KOFICE, Posco Maharashtra steel, KOTRA (mumbai), Korean association of Pune, Yonsei University (Mirae,South Korea).

Admission to all levels are open thrice a year. The program details and next admission dates can be found in the language program page. (Link)

It is located in prime easily accessible location of Balewadi, Pune and has exclusive classroom, recreational zone, executive office, incubation center, Korean library, cafeteria and selfie corner, image gallery, and have a fusion of Indo-Korean work culture. By 2025, the facility shall align with the Pune Metro Line #3 Route, Station: NICMAR.


Director’s message:

Namaste 안녕하세요!

The IKC platform will facilitate sustainable opportunities for students and its members. The center with its dedicated  team of academic and administrative professionals operate and implement all its programs. These programs bring the expertise from both the communities to benefit each other. I would like to see more collaboration projects between academicians, artists and industries across communities.

The center is located in a new and modern facility with Korean design inputs.

This center will play a pivotal role for developing the relationship between India & Korea. I wish to receive your support and cooperation.

Thank you.

Dr.Eunjoo Lim
(IKC Center Director/ Officer in charge & Director of King Sejong Institute Pune under Ministry of Culture Sports & Tourism , Govt. of South Korea,R.O.K)

About us- Indo Korean Center presents about itself in this short introduction, giving insights about its vision, programs and opportunities offered . All our students and patrons are welcome.